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6th Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France

June 24 -26, 2024 | Paris, France
Infection 2024

Dessalegn Temesgen Leye

Speaker at World Congress on Infectious Diseases 2024 - Dessalegn Temesgen Leye
AST University, Ethiopia
Title : The real perceptions on both vaccine and its booster


Relatively, vaccination is a new way of preventing infectious diseases. The main its target is training the body to be ready for the real pathogenic infection. According to a simplified definition, it is a process of infecting the body with a modified/artificial pathogen/antigen. However, due to words like: “weak germ (attenuated vaccine), modified , artificial antigen or analog mRNA of a virus, etc., the public has less desire to be vaccinated. Moreover, since: almost all vaccines evoke negative side effects; financial; and political interests, vaccines hesitancy in particular during this pandemic era are flourishing.  What more wondering us is that not journalists that are advocating either side, but our students with only MD degree are the main player in these disputes. To the biochemistry context, even human’s 4 types of macro and micro metabolites can have negative effect if they do not enter into the body through intestinal villi!  Therefore, there must not to be raise the safety issue, rather should be a question – is a given vaccine feasible through a formula - advantage/harm? To answer this question, another three issues must be solved: is the organism can have sufficient metabolites, is it capable to utilize these metabolites (raw materials to run the antibody producing processes) on time and sufficiently? And the third demand to be elucidated is – can the induced-produced antibody approach the pathogen/antigen sufficiently and on time? During the presentation, based on our 2 years intensive analysis of experimental, clinical case studies and review of books, together with biochemistry concepts, we have summarized the above mentioned 5 issues in one of our 6 groups of scientific justifications that we used as the research tools to confirm whether intramuscularly administrable mode of vaccines are not feasible to stop human respiratory based pathogens. Therefore, during the presentation we will elaborate the above 5 issues! As a result which participants/audiences will have our perception of vaccination safety; immunologists and vaccine developers will obtain our metabolism thought about the raw material (initial metabolites) that the body need before vaccination and during booster shots. In general, the presentation will change our vission on vaccine and prophylaxis measures into a new approach of solving them.


Dr. Dessalegn Temesgen Leye (an asst professor with PhD in biochemistry) is a lecturer. Almost 20 years ago, he was familiarized with SARS-CoV, because of which, when this pandemic emerged he switched into a research: lab (experimental study), observation based survey, clinical case and epidemiological analysis. As a result, he has 7 published works and two times presented at international conferences on COVID-19 issues. Now, he has 8th work under consideration.