HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.

6th Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France

June 24 -26, 2024 | Paris, France
Infection 2024

Nitosh Kumar Brahma

Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conference - Nitosh Kumar Brahma
Nitosh Kumar Brahma
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, India


Prof. Brahma was (born 01-11-1946 in Bangladesh/ India), a life member LM-10671 of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, JU, Kolkata 700032, India and fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), F-113278-0, 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 20. He was a former regular faculty of the Chemical Engineering, Dept. IIT-Khragpur-721302, India, and served the Dept as Lecturer and Sr. Scientist since 1988 and was superannuated on 2011. After that he was involved as visiting Faculty in the Institute of Genetic Engineering, Badu, Madhyagram, MACAUT affiliated, Kolkata-700128. Prof. Brahma, served also WBSC/IEI, as Honry Sec for the center   and the Chemical Engineering sub-Division as Convener/Chairman, and completed around 50 national and international seminars since 2011. He was also fellow of the Max-Planck Institute (Society) (1980-1986) and recently he has been selected as a Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Sub Div., WBSC/IEI. Prof. Brahma, academically completed as topper Distinction, B.Sc ÇU,1966, B.tech,1972 M.tech,1975  The Technical University, Berlin, Germany(TUB) and Doctoral work in Max-Planck Germany )1980-1986,1986 .Since 1986 he was actively engaged as Sr.  Scientist Lecturer in JU and IIT KGP , Chemical. Egg Dept. And continued till 31-10-2011.He is an expert on Bioprocess engineer, with back ground of Chemical Unit operation, Molecular Biology Environment, Bioprocess and Biotechnology. Prof Brahma completed his graduations and post-graduation from the Technical University, Berlin, Germany, 1975, Prof Brahma published more than 100 articles related to Genetic engineering, Chemical and Bio-Chemical Process Technology and three books, entitled’ Introduction to Chemical Science and Engineering (ITCSE), Molecular and Engineering Concept of Microbiology (MAECOM); and Bacterial Adherence by Lap- Lambert-Germany/USA.

Prof Brahma extensively lived and traveled most of the part of the world including USA, CHINA, EUROPE. Based on his innovative hybrid concepts of engineering he was renowned and developed different model of vaccination during pandemic against corona infection. He emphasizes that biology knowledge to all engineers are essential to design and to sustain the environment. He also emphasize, all universities and institutes n India Should work on Algae and  AIO(Artificial Internal Organ) ,Evolution, Transposable Genetic Elements, (Jumping Gene). Prof. Brahma  developed recently two important research environment on BNT (Bio nanotube ) and Climate Change and Microbes.

Prof Brahma received Invitation from AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) 2006, USA Florid, 2016, USA Chicago,2017 in Vancouver Canada. Prof. Brahma likes teaching, research, human interactions, Leadership and to develop Labs at world class reputation and to design Bioreactors and AIO like ÀK (Artificial Kidney). as internationally accepted published documents. Climate Change and Universal Vaccines concepts are these two-existing burning research activities.