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6th Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France

June 24 -26, 2024 | Paris, France
Infection 2022

Anapurna Ahuja

Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conferences - Anapurna Ahuja
Head of the Department, Dept of Periodontics & oral implants, Hazaribag college of dental sciences and hospital, hazaribag., India
Title : Periodontitis and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes. A possible Link


In 1900, William Hunter, a British physician, first developed the idea that oral microorganisms were responsible for a wide range of systemic condition and he also identified gingivitis and periodontitis as foci of infection. The focal infection theory, proposed by hunter was based on almost no evidence. Currently, in re-examining the potential association between oral infections and systemic conditions, it is important to determine what evidence is available, and is still needed to substantiate the association and to validate the possible mechanism of association. So this evidence paper reviews current knowledge relating periodontitis to preeclampsia and pre term birth(PTB).Thus the Focused question: is “does periodontitis cause adverse pregnancy outcomes?'’ BACKGROUND: Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease affecting supportive tissues of the teeth, leading to progressive destruction of connective tissue attachment and the alveolar bone. This destruction is characterized by the formation of a periodontal pocket. Because of its chronic inflammatory infectious nature, periodontitis has been considered a systemic exposure implicated with causative agent in variety of systemic diseases and condition. Recent findings have suggested that periodontal diseases are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and adverse pregnancy  outcomes, such as preterm birth and low birth weight and preeclampsia.



Professor Dr. Annapurna Ahuja, studies her Masters of dental surgery from the prestigious college of dental science and hospital, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore in 2009. She then joined Dental College as a Teaching Faculty. She has published more than 40 research articles, 8 text books of her specialty, one chapter contribution. She is a very active part of the research and has 4 copyrights of her work in the field of Periodontics. She is also a renowned poet, has written more than 200 poems. Has a recipient of Best book award for her debut book, BAPUJI written in Indian Language. Presently she is associated with Hazaribag College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, as Head of the Department, Dept. of Periodontics & Oral Implants.