HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

4th Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases

June 23-24, 2023 | Rome, Italy

June 21 -22, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Parasitology & Infectious Diseases

Parasitology & Infectious Diseases

Parasites are living things that eat and survive off of other living things, such as your body. Contaminated food or water, an insect bite, or sexual interaction are all ways to obtain them. Some parasite infections are simple to treat, while others are not. Parasites range in size from microscopic one-celled organisms known as protozoa to large worms visible to the human eye. Human parasites are parasitic parasites that infect people. Parasitic diseases can affect almost every living creature, including plants and warm-blooded animals. Parasitology is the study of parasitic diseases, as well as infections caused by fungus and bacteria.

Germs, also known as microorganisms, can be found in the air, soil, and water. Germs can be found on your skin and in your body. Many of them are safe, and some of them can even be beneficial. However, some of them have the potential to make you sick. Infectious diseases brought on by germs.

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