HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

4th Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases

June 23-24, 2023 | Rome, Italy

June 21 -22, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Vaccines and Vaccination

Vaccines and Vaccination

Vaccination is a simple, safe, and efficient technique to protect yourself from deadly diseases before they infect you. It strengthens your immune system by utilising your body's own defences to create resistance to specific pathogens. Vaccines teach your immune system to make antibodies in the same way that it does when you're exposed to a disease. Vaccines, on the other hand, do not cause disease or put you at danger of complications because they only include killed or weakened forms of pathogens like viruses or bacteria. Vaccines interact with your body's natural defences to create protection, lowering your risk of contracting a disease. Your immune system reacts when you receive a vaccine. As a result, the vaccination is a smart and safe technique to induce an immune response in the body without producing illness. Our immune systems are programmed to recall information. We are usually protected against a disease for years, decades, or even a lifetime after receiving one or more doses of a vaccine.

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